We believe in small business. We are a small business. As a small business, we need to work effectively, thoroughly, and efficiently as possible so that we can focus on our clients. We practice good documentation, testing, configuration, and project management policies, and believe we can help you do the same. We have done a good job working with the human and financial resources available to us in order to optimize our business.

Some of the major software companies encourage people to use their online versions of products, which are usually not as customizable as on premise or desktop versions. Unless your business is large enough to meet the minimum number of users to get customizable support from some of these companies, you may not get what it is that you need from those services, and ultimately become disinterested in those services as an option. This can keep you in a position of not progressing and not getting you what you really need. Perhaps your business is a software startup, but your head count does not allow for a full time project manager, system engineer, SharePoint/TFS administrator, or QA engineer. We can help you with your needs for on site contract work (if you are in the Greater Seattle Area), or can do what work can be done remotely for your organization.

We want to help you and we want to help you help yourselves. We can help you be the master of your own domain - at least, your virtual domain.